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Heart Crystal Singing Bowls


Heart Crystal Singing Bowls

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Heart Crystal Singing Bowls

7β€³ F+30 Indigo Platinum:

Activating the Psychic Self + Divinity of Spirit

9” F+45 Sedona Red Rock Platinum Frosted inside, Water Element:

Rapid Transformation + Divinity of Spirit

8” F+30 Ruby Aqua Aura Gold Practitioner:

Tantric Energy Alignment + Transcendent Masculine Grace

7” F+30 Tiger Eye Platinum Morph, tall:

Free of Judgement + Divinity of Spirit


6” F-20 Itoigawa Jade Platinum Tall:

Prosperity Consciousness & Field Protection + Divinity of Spirit

10” F-45 Morganite Palladium:

Unconditional Love + Sacred Guardianship of the Inner Child

8” F-45 Apophyllite Crone Goddess:

Merkaba/LightBody Activation + Sacred Feminine Rites

7” F-45 Indigo Platinum Tall:

Psychic Center Activation + Divinity of Spirit

7” F-45 Moldavite:

Starseed Wisdom

8” F-20 Amethyst tall:

Spiritual Wisdom & Protection

F TrueTone


7” F#+25 Turquoise Ocean Gold with Palladium inside:

Clear Guidance + Divine Life Flow + Sacred Guardianship of the Inner Child

7” F#+35 Green Goddess:

Connecting with Nature’s Divinity

9β€³ F#+30 Selenite Grandmother Tall, Morph:

Clarity of Thought + Sacred Feminine Wisdom + New Beginnings


7” F#-15 Carnelian White Light Aura Gold:

Creative Power + Akashic Record Access

7” F#-15 Larimar Platinum:

Wisdom of Atlantis + Divinity of Spirit

8” F#-45 White Gold Palladium:

Illuminated Consciousness + Sacred Guardianship of the Inner Child

F# TrueTone

Heart Crystal Singing Bowls

Heart Crystal Singing Bowls

heart crystal singing bowls

heart crystal singing bowls

heart crystal singing bowls

heart crystal singing bowlsΒ 


Heart Crystal Singing bowls found at the Sedona Crystal Temple the offical Crystal Tones Distributor in Sedona, Arizona. Thank you for visiting our page with bowls in the note of F and F#.

Heart and High Heart Alechemy singing bowls at the Sedona Crystal Temple. Although these bowls have a note of F or F# you might feel the bowl in a different space in you body. We encourage you to tune in where you feel the bowl and sound in your body.

This could also change day to day and minute to minute. We are all unique electro magnetic fields vibrating differently. This changes with your emotions and how your breathing and what your eating.

Specifically your thoughts and how you control your breath determine where your vibrating at. When working with the bowl we encougage you to tune into you body with slow long breathing through your nose.

Heart Crystal singing bowls to bring you into your heart and find balance with the abundance of love that is waiting for you. Many Blessing from the Sedona Crystal Temple!

Thank you for visiting our site. Please let us know if we may be of assistance.

Step into you heart and tune it to the magical vibrations of F Note Singing Bowls.

The heart chakra is the most important chakra in our bodies, because it’s where our emotions are centered. When this chakra is balanced and healthy, we have a natural ability to love ourselves and others.

At Sedona Crystal Temple, we believe that through the power of sound, you can use crystalΒ  singing bowls to balance your heart chakra and open yourself up to higher dimensions of joy, compassion, bliss, affection and compassion.

The Heart Chakra Singing Bowls are the perfect way to start a journey into your heart. The sounds of these bowls will open you up to a whole new world of feelings, compassion and love. If you’re looking for an experience that will help you feel more connected to yourself and others, this is it!

It helps you to connect with others and to feel loved, cared for and supported by those around you. It also helps you to understand your own feelings better, so that you can express them more clearly.

When this chakra is open and flowing freely, you will find it easier to feel compassion for others and yourself – which leads to greater levels of self-love as well as being able to give love away freely without fear of being taken advantage of or hurt by others.

Heart-centered alchemy singing bowls are a bridge to higher dimensions and the joy, compassion and bliss that come with it. They are used to open your heart and expand your consciousness to access higher wisdom and to feel more connected to all that is. You can use them for meditation, self-healing or even just for relaxation.


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