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Discover the transformative power of sound healing with crystal singing bowls at Sedona Crystal Temple.

Our Specialties

Crystal Singing Bowls

Explore our premium collection of Crystal Singing Bowls at Sedona Crystal Temple each crafted to produce rich, harmonic tones.

Sound & Energy Healing Sessions

Experience personalized healing sessions that integrate sound therapy to realign and rejuvenate your energy fields.

Sound Healing Training

Gain expert guidance and certification in the art of sound healing, tailored for both beginners and professionals.

Find Your Perfect Bowl

Need help selecting a bowl? We are happy to connect for a complimentary 30 minute consulatation, in person & online.

Frosted Singing Bowls

Perfect for beginners, these bowls offer a soothing range of tones that promote deep relaxation and balance.

Material: Quartz Crystal

Tone: Pure, Gentle

Chakra: All

Use: Ideal for group sessions

Color & Alchemy: Advanced Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls that feature a blend of gemstones and minerals or advanced color treatments to amplify healing energies.

Material: Quartz Crystal & Gemstones or Color Applications

Tone: Vibrant, Layered

Chakra: All

Use: Perfect for targeted therapies

Explore Our Healing Services

Sedona Crystal Temple

Sound Healing Experiences

Immerse yourself in a full-body sound experience that helps to reduce stress and foster a profound sense of peace.

Offered in our Healing space or at your location in Sedona.

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Energy Healing Sessions

Experience the transformative benefits of cranio sacral therapy and reiki healing at Sedona Crystal Temple. These therapies are designed to promote deep relaxation, release blocked energy, and restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

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Intuitive Readings

Step into higher consciousness at Sedona Crystal Temple for intuitive readings with Tara Kaur. Find divine guidance, uncover truths, align with true purpose, release blockages, and awaken your inner light. Embrace intuition, experience a profound shift, and embark on a transformational journey towards self-discovery and healing. Book your session today.

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Sound Healing Training

Discover the profound power of sound healing at Sedona Crystal Temple – Sound Healing. Immerse yourself in our transformative trainings, unlocking the extraordinary potential of harmonic resonance to restore profound balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Embrace the magic on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

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What Our Clients Say

We had a great experience in a sound healing session with Joshua. The whole session was welcoming and relaxing. Joshua was very accommodating and patient with us as newbies to sound healing. He is clearly very talented at and knowledgeable of his practice. I hope everyone visiting Sedona stops in for a session!

Valerie L.

I loved my experience with Tara and Sedona Crystal Temple from being welcomed in to the end. It was spacious and deep. I was there to add bowls to my existing and felt Tara picked wisely and really heard what I was looking for. I experienced her as spiritual and connected. I left feeling uplifted. I highly recommend this business.

Diana C.

Our experience with Tara and Joshua is always quite special. The loving way they facilitate the sound bathing takes you to another world as you are held in a deeply loving vessel of light. One is forever changed as you feel the cells of your body harmonize and a deep sense of inner peace fill your entire being.

I have also purchased wonderful bowls for my own practice from them. Even that experience of being brought into harmony with the right bowl was amazing. The bowls are treated with love and respect and being able to spend time to choose in such a sacred way was greatly appreciated. Allow your body, mind and spirit to be nurtured with an experience at the Sedona Crystal Temple. So grateful for the opportunity.

Robbyne L.

The vocal toning workshop has changed the way I meditate and manage stress. Truly a groundbreaking approach to self-care.

Marcus T.

I purchased a crystal singing bowl from Sedona Crystal Temple, and it’s a beautiful addition to my daily rituals. The sound is pure magic.

Sarah W.

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