Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls By Note

Choosing an alchemy crystal singing bowl that resonates with your energy can be a very intuitive and personal process. As you move through the rainbow of singing bowl notes from low C to high B, each correlates with one of the 7 chakras or energy centers in the body. Notes can even blend together, and some special bowls work with all chakras.

  1. The lowest singing bowl note of C relates to the Root or Base Chakra located at the base of the spine. This is the chakra connected to feeling grounded, stable, and secure. A C bowl activates and balances this energy.
  2. Note D bowls connect to the Sacral Chakra below the navel, which represents creativity, relationships, and sexuality. D notes empower this chakra and enhance creative flow.
  3. Note E bowls align with the Solar Plexus Chakra at the upper abdomen. This chakra governs confidence, self-esteem, and personal power. An E bowl strengthens this energy center.
  4. The Heart Chakra connects to note F bowls. Located at the heart, it deals with love, compassion, and relationships. An F bowl opens, balances, and nurtures heart energy.
  5. Note G relates to the Throat Chakra at the throat and neck. This chakra oversees communication, self-expression, and truth. G bowls stimulate and align this energy center.
  6. The Third Eye Chakra on the forehead connects with note A bowls. This chakra rules intuition, wisdom, and perception beyond the physical senses. An A bowl awakens and activates this energy.
  7. The highest note B bowls align with the Crown Chakra at the top of the head. This chakra represents spiritual connection, consciousness, and transcendence. B bowls open and expand this highest energy center. 

Sometimes we intuitively feel a connection to a certain bowl and note that surprises us. Trust your inner guidance if you feel particularly drawn to a bowl outside the chakra it typically corresponds with. For example, you may unexpectedly resonate with a Root Chakra C bowl at your Heart Chakra if you need extra grounding energy there.

There are also unique Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls that work with all chakras, such as Diamond & Gold Crystal Singing bowls. These special bowls contain and transmit energies that bring harmony to your whole energy system.

When exploring alchemy crystal singing bowls, the most important guide is your intuition. Listen to each bowl, notice subtle energetic shifts, and see which one seems to magically call to you. That’s the bowl that will initiate transformation through its unique frequency, vibration and alchemy.

Tara Kaur and Joshua are happy to answer any questions to assist you on this journey of sound healing and expansion of consciousness. Many Blessings!

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls By Note

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl by Note


Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note Quartz crystal singing bowls are one of the most powerful methods for healing on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. The use of crystal bowls take the principle of vibrational healing through sound to a new level.

Crystal bowl music is a form of vibrational medicine which validates that everything in the universe is in a state of vibration and the frequency at which an object or person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. The chakras, bones, and organs in the body all possess a different resonant frequency. When an organ or part of the body is vibrating out of tune or non-harmoniously, it is called “dis-ease”. A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell, each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being.

Vibrational medicine is based on the idea that all illness or disease is characterized by blockage in the channels on some level, either in nadis, arteries, veins, nerves. When there is a blockage, the organ in question stops vibrating at a healthy frequency and thus it results in some kind of illness. Through sound and light one can break up, dissolve and release these blockages that initiate in our etheric body.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note  Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, a compound that is also strongly present in human chemical structure. Thus, the vibrations of crystal bowls help to “re-tune” us to our own natural and healing vibrations. Like other forms of vibrational healing, such as crystals, flower essences, and Reiki, the tones of these bowls help to dissolve energetic blockages, allowing us to return to balance.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note  The addition of metals or gemstones like gold, platinum, ruby, amethyst, etc. to the Alchemy Crystal Bowls adds another dimension to the sound. Each of these elements on their own has beneficial effects to human psychology. The Crystal Singing Bowls take all these different elements, each with positive effects, and integrate them into a single, holistic system that is rooted in ancient tradition.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note  Crystal Singing Bowls: Crystal singing bowls open the door into the spiritual realms. The sound of the crystal singing bowl offers a consciously elevating experience – setting you on a path of healing, health, and spiritual growth. According to many cultures and religions, sound has the ability to bridge heaven and earth, mind and body, and spirit and matter through the unifying power of vibration. Crystal bowls are said to help balance yin and yang energies in the body.

Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls by Note  There are specific sounds and vibrations that can help reset the chakras and balance the body. Well, guess what? Being played, crystal bowls provide just that!

The Alchemy crystal singing bowls are designed to enhance your meditation sessions, transform your energy, and bring out your creative impulses

To share the powerful energy vibration emanating from singing bowls with people around the world in order to help them tune into higher levels of consciousness, to gracefully merge the external with the inner, and to serve as a catalyst for greater balance and joy.

alchemy crystal singing bowls by note

alchemy crystal singing bowls by note

alchemy crystal singing bowls by note

alchemy crystal singing bowls by note