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Embark on a transformative journey with our specialized sound healing classes, tailored for every level from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Our Sound Healing Classes

Singing Bowl Basics

Discover the basics of crystal singing bowls in this hands on class. 60 min: $99 per person, up to 6 students per class.

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Introductory Sound Healing: Foundations

Discover the basics of sound therapy, learn about different sound frequencies, and how they can be used to enhance mental and physical well-being.

3 hours: $388 per student, up to 6 students per class.

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Sound Healing Foundations: 2 Day Immersion

Build your foundational knowledge in this 2 day training immersion. Expand your understanding and expertise as you immerse yourself in the profound healing potential of these instruments on a transformative journey of sound therapy.

10 hour: $1,111 per student, up to 6 students

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Intermediate Sound Healing: Level 1

Build upon your foundational knowledge with intermediate techniques, including the use of crystal bowls and gongs in therapeutic settings.

20 Hour, $2,222: 1 student per class

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Professional Sound Healing

Prepare for a professional practice in sound healing, learning about the business aspects, advanced therapeutic techniques, and client management.

120 Hour, $5,555: 1 student per class

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Inside Our Classes

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What Our Students Say

My experience with Tara and Joshua was one of healing and feeling held in the highest regard. They communicate clearly regarding all aspects of the process and the experience. It was a transformative gift to myself receiving a sound healing from them. Their process for helping choosing the right bowl is respectful and non pressure. They let the bowls do the speaking. I have also attended one of their workshops and felt I received a great balance of information and experiential interaction. The workshop was life changing. I highly recommend Sedona Crystal Temple. 

Nancy S.

I recently completed the 90 day Crystal Bowl Mentorship program with Tara. It was everything I was hoping for. Tara tailored the training specifically to my needs and experience level. My relationship with the Crystal Alchemy Bowls has deepened tremendously and I have so much more confidence in my ability to offer valuable one on one and group sound sessions.

Cathie C.

I have done a sound healing and now a certificate training program at Sedona Crystal Temple. I am a practicing oncologist and was intrigued by sound healing but had no idea what it was about. Experiencing sound healing myself and then participating in training with Tara Kaur and Joshua has been life changing. It’s almost hard to put into words what they have opened for me. I am forever grateful and will be purchasing all my crystal bowls from them. Which brings me to an important point of this review. They have the most AMAZING bowls. You can tell that they are true guardians of these precious crystal bowls. It is a privilege to buy bowls that have been lovingly cared for and respected as powerful and healing instruments that they are. Thank you Tara Kaur and Joshua. You are truly doing work of a higher calling. I feel privileged to have entered into your world.

Sat Naam,
Dr. Deming

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