Tara Kaur & Joshua

Spa Initiative with Sedona Crystal Temple

Our intention is to create beautiful, harmonious Sound Healing experiences for spa goers worldwide through:

Spa Initiative

1.The creation of custom designed crystal singing bowl sets and 2. High quality practitioner trainings for spa teams. 

Spa Initiative

The Therapeutic Value of Custom Singing Bowl Sets for Spa Environments

The integration of sound healing into the spa experience has become increasingly popular in recent years. The soothing tones of crystal singing bowls can enhance massage, meditation, and other wellness offerings. As such, it is important for spa owners to invest in high-quality, professional-grade singing bowl sets tailored specifically for their business.

Customization for Intentional Healing

Rather than purchasing a generic pre-made set, spas should work with reputable singing bowl companies to create custom sets designed for their unique environment. Factors like the size of the space, branding aesthetics, and types of services offered can all impact the creation of an ideal set. For example, a spa that focuses on deep tissue massage and energy work may select larger bowls in lower tones compared to a spa specializing in gentle, restorative modalities.

Professional singing bowl makers can help spa owners select materials, tones, and designs that align with their therapeutic goals and enhance their offerings. This level of customization allows the singing bowls to become an integral part of the spa’s identity.

Superior Craftsmanship for Optimal Sound

While there are more affordable singing bowl options available, spas should invest in handcrafted, professional-grade products. Bowls made from crystal offer more complex and engaging tones. The unique sound of crystal singing bowls is enchanting when they are played well and with care by trained practitioners. 

Pro-level singing bowls generate multidimensional reverberations that can induce deeper states of calm and meditation. Their resonance is smooth, strong, and soothing – perfect for enhancing massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and more. The investment pays dividends in terms of superior sound quality and durability.

Enhanced Experience for Practitioners and Clients

For spa practitioners, playing singing bowls is an incredibly grounding and centering experience. The vibrational quality helps them calm their minds, focus their energy, and set nourishing intentions before each session. Clients will also appreciate the visceral shift that happens when the singing bowls begin to sound – their bodies and minds open to relax and receive the treatments.

The addition of tailored, professional-grade singing bowl sets demonstrates a spa’s commitment to holistic wellness on a deeper level. This investment in intentional sound healing enhances the experience for both practitioners and clients, making it well worth the cost. The custom sets become part of the spa’s identity and help to attract conscience wellness seekers.

Examples of Our Recently Curated Sets:

Harmonic Crystal Singing Bowl Sets @SedonaCrystalTemple
Spa Initiative
Sedona Crystal Temple Harmonic Sets
Sedona Crystal Temple Harmonic Sets

The Importance of Sound Healing Training for Spa Practitioners

As more spas integrate sound healing into their offerings, it is crucial that practitioners receive specialized training to provide clients with safe, professional, and truly transformational sessions. Proper technique and intentional use of the instruments are key to creating a therapeutic environment.

Technique Matters

Simply purchasing beautiful sounding bowls, gongs, and chimes does not equate to effective sound healing sessions. Practitioners must learn proper striking and playing techniques to produce the highest quality tones from each instrument. Subtle variations in mallet positioning, pressure, and movement can greatly impact the sound produced.

With training, practitioners will gain the confidence and skills needed to seamlessly hold space and play the instruments in a smooth, rhythmic manner. Their technical abilities allow clients to fully relax into the experience rather than be distracted by disjointed sounds.

Safety First

Certain instruments like gongs can produce incredibly powerful vibrations. Without training, practitioners may unknowingly create jarring experiences that feel intrusive rather than healing. Proper technique ensures the volume and tones are appropriate for the setting and clients’ comfort levels.

Practitioners also need education on safely assisting clients during and after sound sessions. With training, they can recognize signs of emotional release and take steps to help ground clients before ending the treatment.

Setting Intentional Focus

In addition to technical skills, spa practitioners must understand how to use sound with specific healing intentions. Proper training helps them learn how to direct focus and energy on clearing blockages, activating chakras, releasing trauma, easing anxiety, encouraging inner peace, and more.

With knowledge of sound’s transformational qualities, practitioners can design sessions that holistically support each client’s needs on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Elevating the Client Experience

Investing in specialized sound healing training for spa staff elevates the entire client experience. Customers will appreciate the expertise and professionalism practitioners demonstrate. More importantly, properly trained practitioners have the skills to provide clients with sessions that are safe, comfortable, and truly transformative. The benefits of sound healing can then be fully realized.

Team Trainings Provided For:

Spa Initiative – Mii Amo Spa

Spa Initiative – L’Auberge de Sedona

Spa Initiative – Silverleaf Club & Spa

Spa Initiative – Integris Health

Available Trainings:

Introduction Training: 4 hour

Immersive Training: 8 – 12 hour

Offerings are available for your team on site or in a livestream format. Please email for pricing and availability. 

Our journey with Sound as healing formally began in 2010 when we attended Double Gong meditations with Sangeet Kaur Khalsa and Hari Nam Singh. As recipients we became students in the etheric field long before we consciously recognized this path.

In 2015 we attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and had our first introduction to the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls and the power of chanting Sacred Mantra. This was a time of profound personal transformation though integration and initiation into the cosmic capacity of Sound to heal. 

Our work is a combination of our passions and gifts, rooted in a desire to Serve humanity, our planet and the cosmos with integrity and Love. 

We are both Reiki Master practitioners and Hatha and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teachers. Joshua is a visual artist and a professional photographer. Tara Kaur is a healing arts practitioner since 2005 and specializes in spirit and energy healing. We are both auditory artists and share in the creation process together. 

Sedona Crystal Temple is a manifestation of our vision to share expressions of the Divine through Sacred Sound & Light. We are a Crystal Tones distributor Temple offering Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl sales as well as crystal healing. 

It is our great blessing to connect and share with you. 


Professional Qualifications:

Tara Kaur:

AZ LMT: #MT-06429 & NCBTMB Therapist: 581749-09

NCBTMB Course Provider: 1814

NAHA Level 1 Practitioner

Yoga Alliance: RYT500 & Continuing Education Provider

IPHM Approved Provider for Accredited Sound & Energy Healing Courses

I worked in the spa industry for 17 years in environments ranging from day spa to luxury resort spas including Canyon Ranch, Stein Eriksen Lodge, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, Mii Amo and L’Auberge de Sedona. Now I enjoy the opportunity to experience spa settings as a guest and enthusiast. 

As more spas are integrating Sound Healing offerings for their clientele we feel called to share our years of experience in support of the industry. There is not currently a set of standards for practitioners to offer sound healing sessions like there are for massage therapists and aestheticians. While perhaps those standards of training are not required to facilitate truly therapeutic sound work there should still be some manner of education for practitioners to support their journey and the recipient experience. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve as educators and providers of very high quality sound instruments and look forward to helping your spa and its team in elevating its Sound Healing offerings.


Tara Kaur & Joshua:

Reiki Master Practitioners: Trained by Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, 2011

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teachers since 2015

Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls