Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls

The Magic and Power of Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls have become increasingly popular in recent years for their ability to promote deep relaxation, healing, and spiritual connection through their pure frequencies and vibrations. But not all crystal bowls are created equal. For those seeking the highest quality and most powerful crystal bowl experience, look no further than Crystal Tones Super Grade Singing Bowls

What Makes Crystal Tones Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls So Special?

Crystal Tones Super Grade crystal singing bowls are crafted entirely from 100% pure quartz crystal unlike lower quality bowls which often use glass or synthetic materials. This makes them superior in purity, resonance, and metaphysical power. The quartz crystal is ethically sourced from North Carolina where the crystal growth is optimal.

Another key element that sets Crystal Tones Super Grade Crystal Singing bowls apart is their fine craftsmanship. They are handcrafted by skilled artisans with precision techniques perfected over many years. This results in unparalleled tuning accuracy and tonal quality. When played, these bowls produce prolonged, crystal clear, resonant tones free from aberrations.


How to Use Your Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls

Once you’ve selected the perfect bowl for your needs, proper technique is key to unleashing its transformational potential:

  • Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.
  • Hold the bowl with both hands in your lap or on a cushion. Avoid resting it on a hard surface which can dampen the vibrations.
  • Using the suede-covered mallet, invite the bowl at its thickest point with moderate force. Let the sound ring out fully before inviting again.
  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you play. Focus on the tone and the sensation of the vibrations moving through your body.
  • Allow your mind to open and follow the sound current to states of inner stillness.
  • For a guided meditation, play the bowl softly and intermittently in the background.

Where to Buy Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls

You won’t find Crystal Tones Super Grade Crystal Singing bowls in big box stores. Due to their handmade nature and high-quality, they are primarily available directly from Crystal Tones Distributors online or at select crystal bowl specialty retailers.

Yoga Studios

The tones of Crystal Tones bowls enhance yoga by inducing deep relaxation between poses and synchronizing breathwork. Studio owners report students emerging more centered and connected after class. The most popular packages for studios combine 3-5 bowl set typically Harmonic Alchemy Crystal singing bowl sets

Spas and Retreats

Destination spas seek to provide complete restoration on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Crystal Tones™ bowls deliver on all fronts. Their grounding frequencies bring balance to the nervous system while their resonance gives clarity to the mind and awakens inner wisdom. For full rejuvenation, spas often select Chakra Sets which contains 5-9  bowls specifically tuned to each chakra.

Places of Worship

Churches, temples, mosques and spiritual centers of all faiths are finding crystal bowls to be invaluable tools for cultivating meditative states during services, holidays and personal prayer. The expansive 10-16 inch  bowls empower these communal experiences. Centering and grounding the energy for large groups creating a unified field.

Meditation Centers

Meditation centers use sound healing to still the chatter of the mind and open awareness. The sustained, pure tones of Crystal Tones bowls usher even novice meditators into deeper states with ease. Through these diverse applications, Sedona Crystal Temple continues to fulfill its mission of sharing quartz crystal bowls with the world for holistic healing and spiritual growth. There’s no limit to the power and magic of these special instruments in the right hands.

“He who wants to do good knocks at the gate; he who loves finds the gate open.” – Tagore

FAQs about Crystal Tones™ Super Grade Crystal Singing Bowls

How do I take care of my crystal bowl?

Keep your Alchemy Crystal bowl in its included cushioned bag when in trasport. Use the suede mallet gently to avoid damage over time. Clean by wiping with a soft cloth to maintain the bowl’s energetic clarity and resonance.

Can I play more than one bowl at a time?

Absolutely! Blending the tones of multiple bowls amplifies the dimensional qualities of the sounds. Slight variations in the harmonic overtones create intriguing beating patterns and new psychoacoustic effects to explore. We recommend starting with just two bowls and experimenting with interval combinations to find what resonates for your purpose.

How do crystal bowl vibrations heal?

Sound healing works through the physics of resonance and entrainment. The coherent vibrations of crystal bowls produce standing waves which bring harmony to our body’s systems down to the cellular level. Their frequencies also shift brainwave states to induce deep meditation, creating space for spiritual awakenings and intuitive guidance.

What materials are Super Grade Crystal Singing bowls made from?

All Crystal Tones™ Super Grade crystal singing bowls are crafted from 100% natural quartz crystal sourced ethically from North Carolina. No glass or synthetic materials are ever used. This ensures the greatest purity and metaphysical power from ancient quartz’s piezoelectric properties and crystalline molecular structure.

In Summary

Crystal Tones™ Super Grade crystal singing bowls represent the pinnacle of sound healing instruments available today. Their unadulterated material and resonant tones create a powerful sonic experience to restore balance, revitalize energy, accelerate healing, deepen meditation, expand consciousness, and interconnect us with the universal all. If you feel called to work with these special crystal bowls, trust your intuition. Their magic and gifts are without compare.


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